Cherry Quasar

Cherry Quasar is an amateur horror song writer, singer, and producer who makes his music digitally and solo, using Garageband. He is also an amateur photographer, horror filmmaker, actor, director, editor, writer, physical and digital artist, graphic designer, and performance artist. With the help of his dad and gabesawesomeadventures, he makes art. He got his name from his favorite fruit at the time, and a book that he read about space that included a chapter about quasars. He has 2 albums that are highlights in his music career, The Creep You Are, and Psychopath. At the time of writing this he is working on a movie called complications. His debut short film Moon Landing was supposedly stolen to make Moon Fall. The True Magic series was a highlight in his filmmaking career. After Milo moved he could not make movies anymore, but Gabe and Cherry Quasar's dad still help, and the channel wouldn’t still be going without support from his mom, Neena, and uncle Joey.

Best Albums